The Latest in Player Piano Technology is here. No rolls, no discs,  just use your mobile device to access.

PNOmation3 is an amazing system to add to your piano. It replaces the old pianomation technology and is much better than the pianodisc.

This can be used to Play – Practice – Perform – Produce.

– You can record what you play and the system will play it back thru the piano. See this video here.

– Access to 20,000 tracks of music in various genres and artist.Solo, concert, or synalong

– Schedule playlists- when you want.

-Bluetooth and wi-fi to easily connect to any software or speakers


You don’t really see that PNO3 has been added to your piano and it increases the value of your piano.


Call for more 606-262-7378

Can be controlled by an app,used on iPhone,iPad, Amazons Alexa and more, via a wireless ( Wi-Fi) connection.


Certified QRS  PNOmation installation in Tristate area (KY,WV,OH)